Anendlessocean – Love Practitioner

Love Practitioner by Anendlessocean

Anendlessocean Love Practitioner
Anendlessocean - Love Practitioner

Anendlessocean, a musician and songwriter from Nigeria, has a new single out called “Love Practitioner” that praises loving someone with purpose. The track will be available on his next EP, HEXAGON.

“Love Practitioner” is a love hymn that Anendlessocean, a musician with a distinct sound, skillfully performs, addressing the needs of those who are looking for genuine love.

Qoutable Lyrics:

Oya move
Oya groove
Can you do as I do
Ma fi mi shako
Ma fi mi kpa
Don’t make me look like a fool
Oya di mi mu
Ma so mi nuu
Can I hold on to you
Cause ain’t nobody
Ain’t no nobody could love you like I do

Oya do me like Oooohhh
Oh oh oh Ooh
(Can you love me like ooo)
Ooooh oooh Ooh oh oh oh oh
Ooooh Oh
Oya shey me bo shey fe oooo
Ani hon mi bo shey je ooooo
Ooooh oooh Ooh oh oh oh
Can you love me like oooo
Oooh oooh oh oh oh
Can you love me like
Ooh oh oh oh

At some point, this new song is more likely to make you happy than sad, and it’s also a timeless classic with a timeless allure that you should add to your playlist.

Finally, take a listen and share your comment below!


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