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Things to know about Grammy Music award

Things to know about Grammy Music award

Who does not know the Grammy Awards? Despite its criticism and the fact that many do not like it, it cannot be denied that having one of his awards opens the doors of fame for many artists. And being at the event must be a unique experience.

That’s why we present you the several interesting things you should know about the most famous award in the music industry, which is compared to the Oscar in the film industry.

1. First Grammys Ceremony

The first event was held on May 4, 1959. The awards only had 28 categories in total. It currently has more than 100 categories. In the first edition of the Grammy Awards, the song Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) by Domenico Modugno was the one that won the award for Record of the Year.

2. First live broadcast

On March 16, 1971, the first live broadcast of the Grammy Awards was made. Simon and Garfunkel won Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and Record of the Year for Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

3. The Gramophone, the golden statuette

For each award, the winning artists receive a statuette gramophone. In fact, that is what the awards were called in the first instance, but later, with the years and the consolidation of the awards, the name was reduced to Grammy.

4. Young and old at the Grammys

Country singer LeAnn Rimes was the youngest artist to receive an award – she was only 14 years old. George Burns, an actor, and comedian who almost no one remembers was awarded the Grammy at the age of 94, becoming the oldest person to be honored with this award.

5. Which group holds the Grammys record?

Can you guess which group has the most Grammys? U2. So far in their musical career, they have obtained a total of 22 statuettes. Their first trophy was obtained in the category Best rock performance by a duo or group for the song The Joshua Tree, from 1987.

6. Not everyone wants a Grammy

At the 1991 awards ceremony, Irish singer Sinead O’Connor turned down the award for Best Alternative Music Performance for her song I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got. The singer’s goal was to boycott the 33rd edition of the awards due to its extreme commercialization in the media.

7. Best Duet of the Grammys

The Grammys are known for having live performances by the best artists who dare to surprise on stage. One of the best duets at the Grammys is the one starring Elton John and Eminem with the song Stanen 2001. The rapper, at that time, received harsh criticism for the homophobic messages his songs transmitted; the show with Elton silenced the rumors.

8. The funniest speech

Speeches at the Grammy Awards are usually funny and entertaining, with the occasional artist making jokes or comments about other nominees. One of the best jokes is from the recently deceased Robin Williams, when he walked up to his statuette, put his ear, and said, “Listen … You can actually hear the end of a race”.

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