7 Expert-approved Ways To Stay Fit While Working From Home

Man doing situps in living room

We always have some reason to procrastinate and not exercise. When you feel a huge urge to abandon a sedentary lifestyle and enter the gym, laziness beats just thinking about getting up from the couch. Exercising at home and especially in the “working from home trend” is a good way to start changing that mental pattern! You don’t spend anything and still enjoy the benefits of regular physical activity.

We selected the best 7 physical exercises that anyone can do alone at home. They do not need to take more than 10 minutes and can be easily included in your routine.

1. Go up-stairs

Climbing stairs is a great cardiovascular and strengthening exercise for the knee. Be careful when going down the stairs to start a new series, as the descent can strain your knee. If you live in a building, use the emergency stairs to climb and test your breath limits, but prefer to take the elevator down, preserving your joints.

2. Walk while talking on the phone

Talking on the phone can be a great exercise to do at home. During the conversation, just start walking around.

Sometimes, we feel the need to move around while talking on the cell phone. For example, and we can use that to our advantage, up and down the stairs of the house, wandering through the largest room, or walking through the rooms.

3. Do Push-ups

The famous push-ups are great for strengthening triceps and chest and are great substitutes for gym machines.

There are several types of flexion, with the arms more or less open and working different regions of the upper body.

4. Walk while reading

It may sound crazy, but it can be a great exercise option to do at home. The focus here is to move in some way and many teachers do this when they need to read student papers and long articles. Of course, you will need space and a quiet place – not to bump everyone down the street. Walking while reading in your own home is also an alternative.

5. Do Housework

Sweeping the house, trimming some plants in your garden, making beds and vacuuming are great exercises to do at home. And the best part is that you’ve already removed items from your household chore list.

6. Burpees and Squats

Adored or hated, these exercises are easy to do at home and depend only on you, but their execution is not so simple. The good news is that there are different levels at which it is possible to perform burpees, according to your physical conditioning, and also different types of squats. Look for a video tour to avoid risking your back’s health!

7. Do Yoga

There are also videos on the internet with yoga practices that you can follow step by step. In addition to being relaxing, practicing yoga for 10 minutes will be a great exercise to do at home. It is simple and you will only need a rug.

Also, the practice of meditation has similar advantages, such as reducing stress, increasing concentration, improving mood, and self-discipline, among others. You can do more intense exercise in the morning, to energize your body before work, and meditate at night, relaxing before bed.

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