Signs to know that music is not your calling

Signs to know that music is not your calling

If you are not sure, whether music is your calling or not, the following post will surely help you. Here we have provided various signs and posts that show that you have to be dedicated to your music career.

Let’s check out:

1. If you do not take criticism or rejection well

In the world of music, undoubtedly “No” is something you will hear if you are an independent musician. Also, you will be turned down by record labels. Many times, it will happen that music writers and critics and will give you music a bad review. Handling all these issues constructively and gracefully is paramount. If you are not able to handle all such problems, it is a clear sign that music is not your calling.

2. If multitasking is difficult for you

In the music industry, you need to manage so many things at a time such as hitting up writers, setting up outlets for the press, make your own promo, running your social media pages, and much more. If you are not able to juggle everything along with your personal life, music is not your calling and hence we advise you to choose another career.

3. If you are not an extreme perfectionist

There is no one on the earth who does not make mistake, they are bound to happen. If you are that type of person who does not like to accepts mistakes, you will hate yourself within a few months of your music career.

In the music industry, you can make many mistakes such as you might fall off the stage while performing, or you will be offended by your followers on social media platforms because of your little mistakes, and much more. Also, many times, you will start fumbling in between your performance. So, you should be able to handle all these things. If you are not an extreme perfectionist, then we must say that music is not your calling.

4. If you do not like networking

In order to make the connection between songwriters, booking agents, promoters, other brands and we can say, it can be anybody who operates the entire independent music. You will never know who will be helpful in making your career. So, networking with all these chains is very much important to make your music career bright.

If you are not able to do this both in persona and online, you should pick any other career and NOT music.

5. If you do not like hard-work

Being an independent musician is tremendously difficult. If you have to push yourself continuously. Along with it, you do not have to be excited about any physical labor part but everything else, you should be enthusiastic to do such work. Also, you have to spend hours sending emails to writers about your work. Sometimes, you have to invest a lot of time and have to spend nights for perfection. If you are not made for hard work, it is a clear sign that music is not for you.

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