8 steps on how to be successful in a music career

8 steps on how to be successful in a music career

Breaking into the music industry has always been a great challenge for many artists from all genres. If you are eager to make your music career, the following post is for you.

Here are the 8 steps to be successful in a music career:

Step 1: Create, produce, and record good musical material

Within your possibilities, you should first try to have a good phonogram and the musical proposal must sound good. Have a high level of recording and above all, show the greatest amounts of musical virtues, (Voice, lyrics, music, interpretation).

Step 2: Form a company of your musical project

Form a company of your musical project, (not only formally) if not structurally, assemble a work team, have a business plan, look for an investment that generates income in the medium and long term.
Your focus should always be on the public, your success in the music industry depends on them. If you fall in love with an audience, your career will have the basis to develop. A loyal and following public is more important than any investor, manager, or label.

Step 3: Be constant and extremely persistent in your project

You will have to work hard and be very patient, always remember that the musical career is a “Race of Endurance, Not of Speed”.

Step 4: Work on your personal brand and create your own character

Remember that personal branding is not what you are, but what others think you are. Become a very active part of social networks, participate in debates, and do not use them just to promote yourself, show several facets that generate remembrance to your audience.

Step 5: Don’t make yourself known with mediocre or low-quality material

If you do not have something well done, wait until you have the resources to do it, remember that it is the cover letter that will open your doors.

Be aware that your proposal may or may not be liked, but keep in mind that one of the main characteristics to impact your musical material is the Attitude you must have when making yourself known, good material adds a lot, but a good attitude “multiplies”.

Step 6: Make a show

When you have the possibility of presenting your music to an audience, make the most of it, make a “Show”. It should not a recital. Set all the senses of the public to fly. It is necessary that they feel that connection with their personal experiences and your interpretation.

Step 7: Be social:

Be Sociable, not only in your project, if not in any area of ​​your daily life. Do not shut yourself up to compose and record, go to public events, shows, recitals, and support artists who are starting, in short, to be a “protagonist” of the world.

Step 8: Be honest with what you propose

Do not do something that you do not feel, or that goes against your abilities, enjoy the growth process a lot, be happy, and do not forget that you are entering a world that various talents would like to enter.
There are many other important steps and tips, but nothing speaks more than someone’s own “Success”. Based on this, look for information and biographies of your artists or personalities of the industry that you most admire and learn from the path they traveled. Ask yourself what they did and that they generated to cause a high impact.

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